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For 24 hours I’ve thought about how I could possibly capture for you in words what I experienced on Monday night at a Valentine’s dinner/event that I produced entitled LoveStories. In case you don’t know, LoveStories was a combination fundraising dinner and  storytelling event that was centered around the theme “Love in Strange  Places”.

For me personally, LoveStories was  special for countless reasons. You  see, this event for me represented a  bold step of faith towards a yet  unknown future. To the casual observer it may have appeared to be simply a fun evening for a good cause, but for me it was a trial balloon. A trial balloon that had years of fear, doubt, and frustration tied to it. 24 hours after launch it appears that th

e balloon is still rising, entering new atmospheres.

Please don’t hear me say that this evening was all about me. This was surely not the case. Instead, this event was all about….

  • The 7 beautiful girls who live at Mimi’s House who will benefit from the $1,000 dollars raised by attendees and generous friends of the event.
  • The 6 bold men and women who stepped onto a stage and laid open their hearts to share part of their story with 50 strangers. Stunning stories were told.
  • The 50 people who came together to laugh, cry, eat food, drink wine, and ponder their story, and the unexpected places they’ve encountered love.
  • Stories which unmistakably shared common threads of faith, hope and love.
  • Fires in hearts and minds that were stoked to live a story filled life.

This was but a glimpse into the magical evening of Monday, February 14th 2011. There will be more thoughts to come in this little dusty corner of the internet. I hope you’ll come back to read more. I promise there will be more… more on LoveStories, and more updates in general. I’ve been called out, and I never back away from a challenge.

  1. Julie Bauke Said,

    Luke- you are an amazing spirit who will do great things with your life. Don’t ever look back and say “I woulda coulda shoulda”…say “I did”.

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